We looking for Chinese \ Korean Manager

If you know Chinese/Korean and you good know R2 Online and the features of our server, we can offer you a Community manager position.

  • Good knowledge of the R2 Online
  • Good knowledge of the features of our server
  • Chinese Language or Korean Language (Or better both)
  • Knowledge of English language (for chatting with us)
  • Can use QQ and Discord
  • Desire to work and help players every day
  • Can help with promote our server for chinese and korean players
  • Help us with translate game, site, writing news, manage QQ group.
Send your applications in the form in messages to the administrator

Application form:
  • Your name
  • Your nickname in our game
  • Your languages (Chinese, Korean and etc)
  • Your nickname in Discord(For contacts) (our discord server https://discord.gg/b7v3e4S)
  • Your others knowledge (advertising, translations, programming and etc)